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Auto Debug for .Net

Auto Debug for .Net is used to trace the .Net target program automatically, record the results of input and return value during call functions. Auto analyse the target program, auto display and trace the export functions of classes.


Auto Debug for .Net is an auto-tracing tool of software. User can set breakpoints, this application will auto trace the target program and record the input and return value of function call. Therefore, the software can help programmer analysis errors, process inside the target program, especially help the programmer analysis the sequences and parameters of the function call.


  • Support VB.NET, C#, and all managed programs.
  • Recording input parameters and return value of the methods which are set breakpoints in the target program. Therefore, not need to compile the source code, you can monitor the input and return value of methods.
  • Supporting debug version and release version, not need source code.
  • Supporting multithread. Through displaying sequence chart, easy get sequence relationship between all the threads.
  • Support attach process feature. It's not only to trace application but also can tracing WebService.


    Must install .Net Platform.

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